What are Eurocodes?

Discover the advantages of designing with Eurocodes

Eurocodes boost growth across Europe and beyond 

They are the Europe-wide standards for all aspects of the structural design and development of buildings. They break down technical barriers to trade across Europe and beyond and provide a common language for owners, operators, users, designers, contractors and manufacturers. They also provide a common basis for R&D, design aids and software.

Before Eurocodes, EU member states all had different design methodologies

Many practising structural engineers have grown up with British Standards, but all of those Standards have been withdrawn and are no longer maintained.

Eurocodes became mandatory for the specification of European public works in 2010. They will become the de facto standard for the private sector.

The 10 Eurocodes are:

Generation 2 of Eurocodes

The next generation of Eurocodes will be launched in 2022. The vision for the revised codes are to create a more user-friendly suite of design standards that are recognised as the most trusted and preferred in the world. The focus will be on suitability, clarity and ease of use for all common design cases.

Eurocodes Plus Strapline