BSI's Eurocodes PLUS is the simpler way to work with structural design standards.

Structural Engineer? Design more efficiently with smart workflow tools.

Eurocodes PLUS helps you design and build faster with Eurocodes.

You’re concerned with structural integrity. It’s your role to make sure that design projects meet all the relevant standards, and clients rely on you to meet their quality requirements.

So you and your team need a shared software system that links designs to Eurocodes. As well as the base Eurocode and parts of Eurocode 1, you may need to refer to parts of Eurocodes 2, 3 and 4 for concrete, steel and composite, and the UK National Annexes. Watch how Eurocodes PLUS can help: 

Here are the smart tools that save you time:

Quick to Use

Quickly find the relevant Eurocodes, National Annexes, Test methods, British Standards and other supporting documents. Eurocodes PLUS is the only system to include all these documents

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Find the exact information you need

Use the advanced search function to find documents by numbers, ICS codes, materials types, structure types or document types.

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See current and historic standards

You can continue to see withdrawn sections in your searches and dynamic documents, as well as the current replacement version.

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Create a shared space

Work with your team across multiple locations. With Eurocodes PLUS you can set up project-specific online spaces.

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Include the right people on every project

Add over 200 user accounts with up to 30 users online at any one time. 

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Share expertise with your project team or across your whole organisation

Add comments, guidance notes and links – and choose who can see them.

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Learn from industry experts

Over 350 expert commentaries bring the Eurocodes to life.

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What’s more, Eurocodes PLUS saves you money 

The combined documents are worth £40,000, but a starting package for Eurocodes PLUS is just £1,560!

And when it comes to the transition, Eurocodes PLUS makes it easy to move to a smarter way of working by designing the set-up around your business needs, and providing free one-to-one training for all your staff members. 

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What your colleagues say

  • With Eurocodes PLUS, the whole process is simplified... you can also read expert comments and create your own notes, making it easy to capture and share best practice.

    Mike Chrimes, Director, Engineering Policy & Innovation at the Institution of Civil Engineers
  • Eurocodes PLUS is time saving in linking documents to other documents and finding your way around it is superb.

    Andy Matthews, Senior Professional Bridge Engineer, The Engineering Design Group, Devon County Council
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